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Identify, track, and streamline your customer journey

To move your leads through the sales funnel efficiently, it's essential to educate and build trust with them continually. This process is known as lead nurturing. The more information and trust you provide, the quicker your leads will make a purchasing decision.

At Automate the Journey, we work closely with small businesses to identify and track their prospects' stages in the sales funnel. We then segment their audience and develop automated campaigns tailored to reach prospects with the right content at the right time. We aim to help businesses build lasting customer relationships and boost conversions.

“I cannot speak more highly of Tim – he is amazing. We have been working with him and his team for over a year and he has done wonders for our business. He took the time to thoroughly understand our niche business and build out a robust marketing campaign using his expertise of multiple channels of promotion. He created a thoughtful budget plan and constantly evaluated and adjusted based on performance. He meets timelines and is an excellent communicator. He will be an asset to any team.”
Lindsay Steiner
President, Bradyl Storage Solution
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