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Marketing Automation for Small Businesses


Automate Your Marketing 

TAKE CONTROL & Build a process that will convert

An automated digital marketing strategy is essential for any business looking to grow and retain customers.

Our marketing automation agency helps any business level up its marketing strategy to expand its reach and transform leads into loyal clients. We leverage years of experience to create and execute successful digital marketing campaigns to maximize your online presence.

Before we recommend any strategy, we take the time to understand your company and set up key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitoring to be sure your goals are met.

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 Maximize Your ROI

Marketing automation that is customized to your business simplifies the marketing funnel to yield increased ROI. Automation streamlines every aspect of the marketing process — from sending email campaigns and text messages to accessing and analyzing data, and everything in between.

When implemented correctly for your goals and business, marketing automation supports lead management, scoring, and nurturing. As a result, better-qualified leads convert to sales faster and more often.

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Streamlining the Customer Journey



With strategic automation in place to acquire leads, you won’t need to worry about future sales — quality leads will always be there.



It’s imperative to continuously nurture your leads until they are ready to buy. Don’t spend money on acquiring leads just to release the prospects.



Did you know it costs 5 times more to acquire new customers than to keep a current customer? Create loyal fans who generate referrals, testimonials, and repeat sales.

“I’ve worked with Tim and Automate the Journey for almost 3 years and am continually impressed. Unlike many marketing agencies, ATJ helps with virtually everything marketing-related. From website updates, light coding, email strategy, B2B growth, remarketing and – most impressively – automating the customer journey to drive revenue.
We collaborated on strategy and they always found a way to execute the vision, which resulted in YOY growth. I would highly recommend ATJ to a business owner looking to automate and improve their marketing funnel.”

Justin Tolle

President, Snipers Edge Hockey


Our tried-and-true methods delivers leads and boosts sales.

STEP 1: The Strategy

Drive sales for years with a solid marketing strategy.


STEP 2: The Data

Set up systems to monitor goals and KPIs.


Step 3: The Funnel

Implement automated marketing campaigns to enhance your entire funnel.

Each step is critical, and every business should have them in place. Take the first step in your journey by setting up a quick call with us today!

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