Membership Websites


Membership websites enable your business to offer exclusive benefits via membership. Online courses and webinars are two of the most successful types of content offered through a membership website.

A well-designed website is the key to a successful membership organization. It provides a centralized location for your members to access, streamlines the sign-up and renewal process, and connects users with other members.

The first step in creating a membership website is to pick the best platform. While there are numerous generic website builders, you need to pick a platform that allows you to customize according to your requirements.

For your membership website, we recommend exclusively utilizing Ontraport® or WordPress.

Certified Ontraport Expert

With no setup fees and a monthly cost that is less than 1/8th of what some of the competitors are charging, there’s no question that Ontraport is designed with small businesses in mind. We have been using Ontraport since 2014 and recommend it to everyone we work with.